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Dar Long

A week in my life

emungere has challenged me to post daily for a week with details of what each day entails, and who am I to refuse her?
What follows below is a short series of photos including fibre and cute alpacas!

So, we had our 1st open house this last weekend so today was pretty much cleaning up and packing things away so that the mill will be set for making socks etc.  But first my day starts with tea and checking out our website as I try to achieve 100% SEO (Right now I am sitting at 93% SEO) and move towards total world domination.
Tweaking the website

Then it was across to the mill to pack up the open house stuff

Bin o colour

Which included some luscious lopi style yarn in natural colours.

I think this stuff will really sell in the fall, for now, it's the finer baby and lace weight yarns that are selling for spring and summer knitting. The weather was deteriorating and we have freezing rain and snow/win warnings for later in the day so I figured it was time to head to the barns to clean up and move a large hay bale in. These bales take a skid steer to move as they weight over 800 pounds so after I get clean up done Alpaca Deb drives the Bobcat and we get a new bale. The alpacas celebrate!
Hay Party

Then I thawed out while doing some basic paperwork and entering the open house sales into the books. The weather changes were messing with my head for most of the day and the flurry of activity to get ready for the open house last week left me kind of wiped out. Maddie called and then I may have taken a short nap. I don't know how interesting a week in my life will be, but it certainly promises to be a tiring week from my end of things. Until tomorrow, stay warm!
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