Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long


I'm going to crash soon, so I'll just summarize the day with the following:

1. If I'm upset or angry with you, you will know it. From me. I will tell you directly and plainly, we will work it out, then I will put it behind me and carry on. When I don't give you all of the head pats and appreciation you feel you deserve for doing your job - chances are it's because I am busy or distracted by other things. If it was about you - you'd know it. Don't carry on like I killed your puppy.

2. I am a busy person. Not too busy for my friends, but for every half hour of my day I have at least 3 things I should be doing. So waiting around for people who show up an hour or two after they were expected so I can be there to answer their questions or help with something can really mess with the plan for my day. That means that I am not there for other people - or creatures - that need me. That just sucks all the way around.

As for the details of the day - let's say they include a stillborn premature cria (from Delilah who was due around the first of August with a Valentino baby), numerous screw ups trying to get a show entry ready for deadline, lost or incorrect tax documents, a fight between Ozzie and Tango, and not enough time to get half of the stuff done that I had planned.

Mays and I are at the market tomorrow then picking up the Divine Miss M for the holiday weekend.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and things will go smooth.
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