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Present and accounted for.

I'm sorry for dropping off the map. I've been reading my flist and keeping up with everyone - but it's true I have not been commenting and certainly not posting.

There are many things responsible for that, but I should know better than to let things drain me so much that I don't have any energy for doing what's important - communicating with people I care about.

So, Irish's dad, aka JBD (James Bond Dad because when he was younger he looked like a young Sean Connery - he never lost the cool either) became ill early this summer. Tired, pale etc. Now he certainly has reason for that. He suffers from severe narcolepsy with cataplexy http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/narcolepsy/DS00345/DSECTION=symptoms and the medication he took for this disorder caused a serious cardiomyopathy with heart failure. So he has had more than his share of issues, but has remained his cool, witty self.

he went in for his regular check up n June and had blood work done. He got a call bck because his white cell count was zero. The rest of his bloodwork was also a mess but with no white count he was a sitting duck for infection. He was admitted to hospital and put into isolation. They thought it was a medication reaction. Then it was a severe pernicious anemia. What it turned out to be was a very aggressive form of leukemia - AML http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/adultAML/Patient/page1

Because of his heart damage and lung damage he is not a candidate for chemo or transplant. Palliative treatment only.

Irish has been over in Ireland for nearly a month. Mays and I have been doing the farm and juggling things here. 10 days ago JBD went in for a blood transfusion and was admitted with a bad pneumonia and the rest of the family was called home a week ago on the advice of the doctors. He stabilized a bit this week but is still critical.

Meanwhile, back on the farm...

Heat wave, pregnant alpacas due later this month, sick cat (Rocky), Miss M took off on a 12 day cruise of Europe (she loved it) and we must now find her a place for Sept in Toronto, Visits from our dear Stellargal and getting fibre made into yarn for a pile of upcoming shows.

Dexter is back and I'm loving it. True Blood is back and I'm mostly loving it. Newsroom is back and I like it. I miss Grimm. I also kind of miss Arrow.

I'm hand painting sockyarn from my suris...it is wonderful and soft.

That's the quick and dirty update and I leave you with this - from yesterday after the rain...
alpaca lake
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