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Standing on The Outside

The Days After

Dar Long
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You can call me Dar. I've been around awhile. I live in a strange house(some would say cursed, many days I would agree) on some lovely land where I raise suri alpacas and search for peace and serenity with many friends. I had 3 children, the joy of my life. My son Elliot Graham was killed on August 27th 2004,in a senseless accident and you can read about it in this journal if you are interested and have the guts. Be warned. It isn't easy to read about my life. It's even harder to live it.

I have had 9 brain surgeries (or so) and a couple of strokes all because of a condition called chiari. It hasn't stopped my from travel, writing, research, delivering babies, nursing and now raising my alpacas. I live with my partner and best friend,(Mays) my husband,(Irish) and my daughter,(The Divine Miss M), My oldest son, (and Osteopathy student) Oliver, the occasional Naughty Space Pirate,(cast of thousands), and a growing number of cats.

I come from a long line of true healers.