Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

So what have you been up to?

So there's been snow. Also drama with crazy people. And a new baby niece who had a very rough start, but is stable now. I finished a very tough course of chemo for the low grade malignancy that likes to create chaos with my blood cells. I sent Irish to Ireland for Valentine's day. He'll be back next week. I miss Grimm, Dexter, Nurse Jackie and of course - and always - Firefly. I am enjoying Arrow a ridiculous amount considering what it is. I have the new Pantone spring colour palette and a crate of dyes. I see some messy times ahead. : )

I loved the Grammys, they were a great warm up to my favourite musical night of the year - The Junos.  I know most of you (not being Canadians) don't get the Junos - so what did you like about the Grammys? I loved the Lumineers and Jack White.

In the alpaca world, everyone is holding their own. We are already planning spring shearing and making plans for what to do with the fibre.
For some photos of exactly what the alpacas have been up to in this weather...folllow the link:

I'll be curled up with a heating pad...
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