Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

What's Going On...

I am recovering from what the doctor called a "moderate concussion" after getting an alpaca kick right between the eyes. I was picking up the feed dishes outside the boy's shelter while they were inside. Ozzie got into a fracas with Tango and as I was standing up Ozzie chased Tango out towards me and I ended up with an alpaca footprint between the eyes. I have been under orders to do "nothing more strenuous than going to the bathroom" for the first 48 hrs and I've pretty much done that. My head is still sore but nothing like it was Friday. The challenge now is to ramp up my activity gradually without going crazy and overdoing it. The doc advised it could take a couple of weeks to get back up to full speed - I hope not but I'll be watching my step just in case.

February brought a massive dump of snow and it's been rough keeping up with it all. But March is here and there are better days ahead!
I've updated my Canadian Alpaca Products site with a story about shearing a llama from last season. Also a video featuring our main shearer, Fred. If you could check it out and boost the signal I'd be grateful. CAP is our new venture and I'm hoping that the site helps to raise our profile and promote the industry.  have a look and let me know what you think...

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