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Today is a good day to dye...

I say that an awful lot lately. Which means it must be spring dyeing season. We had an open house yesterday and I spent days just dyeing stuff. 12 skeins of sock yarn, 12 silk scarves, about 8 skeins of baby or lace weight yarn. Sport weight yarn for shawl kits, and also Alpaca Deb needed 6 pounds of nylon dyed Fuchia for pink golf socks so that was fit in last week as well. I was in London for a day doing a very length upper GI series and a series of xrays - and they called Friday to tell me that nasty concussion I had 3 weeks ago (Tango kicked me right between the eyes -  quite unintentionally) was actually a slight skull fracture. That would explain the constant ringing in the ears, black eyes, bruising behind the ears etc. Nothing much to be done about it now, it was non-displaced, so extra care and caution was the order of the day - and the concussion meant I couldn't do much of anything anyway.

SO yeah. Very busy week. Insanely busy. Stressful because of ongoing stupid human drama (still working on eliminating psycho criminals from the alpaca affiliation) and just busy in every other way.

I met some really great people at the open house, and got to work with some lovely colours while preparing for the event, so that's always a good thing.

I updated my alpaca/yarn/fibre blog with photos and details about dyeing the raw fibre - check it out and be rewarded with BONUS pic of Pixel the wunderkitty AND a Klingon! WHat do these 3 things have in common? Follow the link and check it out!

I'd appreciate any signal boost you can give!

Now I'm going to crash for a bit before deciding what colours I'll be dyeing this week. Any requests/suggestions?
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