Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

Day 2- The day before the first day of Spring.

Day two of the howling wind and snow. We also had bonus ice pellets last night which means that anything not buried in snow was coated in ice. I know many of you are also getting hammered by this weather system, some much worse than we are. When the weather gets like this much of my time and energy goes to digging out the alpacas. We had cleared a decent amount of space for them over a week ago using the snow blower, but the recent blowing snow blocked things in again so I was back to digging out. The changing weather has left me with a migraine like headache so aside from digging out tax records and toying with setting up a new page on the Canadian Alpaca site, it's been a pretty low key day. Here's a glimpse of how things went.

Looking out the patio door, I could see that Spring was playing hide and seek this year.
No spring

The Poor Suri boys have had a tough time this winter. The wind has whipped the snow so that it drifts right in front of their shelter. So it's become a regular job to dig them a path out.

Well it's a start...
come on spring!

To break up all the snow and grey, have a look at some of the suri fibre I dyed last week - the fibre in the middle is naturally black. The colours are the closest we'll be getting to spring for awhile I'm afraid.
Let's see what the first day of spring brings.

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