Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

I think my days are longer

I am really trying to do a daily update, but I'm starting to wonder if my days just last longer than everyone else : ) Seriously, by the time my day got to the point where I could take time to post, it was already tomorrow (today) and perhaps I need a timelord to sort all this timey-wimey stuff out. So I got some sleep and voila...here is the day that was. But for those not following the click you get a bonus pic:sulu

Obviously I have no vanity as I am wearing the latest oversized barn gear, including my now famous "where's Waldo" hat. Which may not be flattering, but is a huge hit with the alpacas. They like nothing more than to grab it and try to pull it off my head, or pull it down over my eyes. When one of them grabs it they take off and play keep away with my hat. Hey, it's winter, they can't run and play outside the way they'd like so they make their own fun.

Anyway, I am halter training wee Shilo (The dark brown black fluffy one on the lead) as well as trying to get her ready for the alpaca show next month. She loves to roll in the hay and the poo pile. Obviously these two things do not go well together. The other crias love to help as I try to de-veg Shilo. My boy Sulu is the golden brown Suri about to give me a kiss in this photo.
Now to read and see more of my adventures in cria training and see how the pink alpaca yarn mess is coming along, follow the click.


Shilo is a lovely gal and she is doing really well at learning how to walk on a lead.
My day was also filled with the mundane stuff ... seeing a tax consultant, going to two banks, preparing paperwork for our group meeting tomorrow - but I figure I'd spare you all of that. Instead look how sweet Sulu is - giving kisses to Shilo while I pick hay out of her fibre...

Finally I "unwound" from my day by tackling the pink disaster...
That's the before, here is the after...

I hope you have a great Saturday!

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