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Daily Update is Daily ...if you live on Venus.

So yes, more time slipped away, and between the mundane but busy cleaning up and getting ready for our month Canadian alpaca Products meeting, and all the pay out calculations I needed to do plus bonus tax time stuff - well, if I couldn't escape the brain numbing stuff, the least I could do is spare you! So, the pink alpaca yarn of doom is on the way to becoming the super secret project for the super secret event. But now they need a matching skein for a pair of fingerless gloves. This is all a part of the super secret event. Fortunately I have a skein of a black and white tweed worsted that will work because the rest of the ensemble is black - except for the item the pink yarn of doom is going into. So this skein has to match up. It's a bit of a challenge since the composition, ply, texture, and twist is different, but I figured I'd give it a try. But before it's time to dye...it was time to check in with the alpacas and bring in a new big bale of hay. So, have a quick peek at Willow and her little guy Darwin, then follow the jump to see more alpacas, and dyeing adventures:

But before the dyeing, the alpacas celebrate Spring.(Which means the snow has finally melted enough they can get into the paddocks)

Nicoli stays pretty close to his mama - even though he is by far our biggest cria. The huacayas love to cush in the snow. Now some of the Suri babies are up to far more nefarious activities. Hiro, I'm looking at you!

Lillith Teaches Hiro Some Manners
Liam is Hiro's buddy and they take turns jumping on each other and roughhousing the way boys of any species will do. Liam also had some major leg issues after he was born and was very frail for awhile - but not anymore. However nobody gave Mamam Lillith the memo - she's still very protective even though "wee Liam" is a bruiser who regularly knocks Hiro down.

New bale day is everyone's favourite day - at east everyone with four legs. For us two legs, it's clean up, remove the debris from the old bale and then place the new 800 pound bale into the barn using this:

And when we are done, the alpacas all rush into the barn for their treat:


That done it was onto the colours of the day:

Into the pot:More pink
Out of the pot - with a snip of the previous pink yarn to match it to:
pink tweed

I think I'm done with pink for awhile. Alpaca Deb needs me to dye some nylon for making alpaca golf socks (it's mixed with 80 % white alpaca, so the colours have to be pretty intense) and the first five pounds was a deep pink. Next up - yellow!

Tomorrow Mays and I are off to the Regional Cancer Center in London to see the head honcho and see if my blood cells are knocked back into remission, and find out about the weird blood level that could be trouble - or just a fluke. So I'll likely be delayed in posting the next update as well. Next colour in rotation is Lilac...
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone.

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