Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

I'm back

There is snow on the ground. The seasons have changed while I was busy dealing with chaos. The important stuff:

Irish's dad (JBD) continues to rally in a very welcome (but medically unexplainable)reprieve from a very acute leukemia. He's doing pretty well and enjoying his time at home. They will start a trial medication next week - since he is doing so well they are re-thinking the original palliative plan since he has outlasted his original prognosis considerably.

Mays, Irish and I continue to get by,and hopefully in the not too distant future we will be making some changes to our location. I'm pretty sure the situation and housing situation is contributing to our various ailments.

The divine Miss M is doing very well at school this year although her condo-mates give her grief.

Rocky my longtime cat companion is in a pattern of fading and looking like he will leave us, then rallying. It's not easy, but he's not in any pain and he seems to be enjoying his good days so much. Playing catch the mouse and chasing with the other cats and blanket monster with us.

I've been quiet because I'm being sued by a former friend and alpaca group member, both as a group member and personally. We had settlement hearings last week. They owe over 9 thousand dollars to us for board/vet fees for 6 animals we co-own that board here. I put a lien on the animals. They are suing me for damages. Also suing the group because they were removed after finding financial shenanigans. One looks like it will settle (they will pay a large portion of what they owe then we will divide up the co-owned animals)the other - who knows.

It's taken an unreasonable amount of time, energy and resources and it's not over yet. So I've been keeping a low profile and keeping things as secure as possible.

On the plus side Grimm is back, Arrow is back and The Black List is great. The farmer's market and show season have kept me very busy and my hand dyed suri lace yarn is the talk of the town. : ) I hae a new line of silk scarves, and even an alpaca boucle blend yarn. One more open house, a four day show in Guelph and a show in Stratford this week will finish the season.

I hope the autumn is treating you kindly.
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