Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

Still waiting on Miss Polly

Miss Polly has settled in to await the birth of her kittens. I thought it might be Monday night or Tuesday but she settled down and is now displaying the "any day now" type of behaviour.
For those who were not in the loop, Miss Polly is likely from a litter of kittens we found in the barn this summer before a mamma cat moved them. She wandered out of the big barn around mid-February and we sheltered and fed her through the horrid winter. She will deliver then be fixed and the kittens will be adopted out in the fall after they are socialized and old enough etc. That's the plan anyway.

A post about life here is coming, including such high points as chemo, identity theft, baby alpacas, legal wranglings and shearing day. : ) In the mean time check out the cute kitty:


Tags: poly
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