Dar Long (darlong) wrote,
Dar Long

3 week old kittens for your amusement

Yes it's been awhile. I finished chemo yesterday. Yay me! We sheared the alpacas this past weekend and I cooked for an entire week to get ready. Trying to rest and recover now. sffan was here to help with shearing and it was great to see her. She was also checking out the new kittens. Miss Polly - a barn cat that showed up over the winter - turned out to be very pregnant. We brought her in and 5 days later we had 5 kittens.

They are now 3 weeks old and starting to move around on their own. How cute are they? Have a look : )

It's been a long tough winter for so many of us, I thought we could all use a dose of cute. Have a good week, I'll check in later.
Tags: kittens
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